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It is a strange idea. Floating in a pod for 60 minutes on Epsom salts in a pod without sound or light. Naturally I had a lot of questions. Will I sink? Will I feel claustrophobic? Will I panic? Will I be bored? What do I need to bring and how do I prepare to “float”? If found all of these are FAQ and I allowed my curiosity got ahold of me landing me on 20 Waringin Park at Palm Ave Float Club. Derrick, owner and floating professional, knows what it is like to float for the first time. He tells me that he used to suffer from anxiety and used to smoke before he got a personal tank floated everyday. Floating gave him clarity in a stress free environment that affected and and changed his life. The benefits and methods of floatation are endless. Some want to meditate, to explore consciousness, or use it as a creative tool to think without distractions. Athletes float for recovery and visualization while pregnant women use it ease the strain off the body and spine.

Now, he opened up this floatation center to offer this to others in Singapore. Simply check the website to find how and why flotation therapy works.

All materials are supplied for you in your room. I took a shower, dried off thoroughly, popped in the earplugs, and hopped in to the pod fully nude.  I closed the pod, turned off the lights and lay on the water in the pose most familiar to a yogi. Savasana or corpse pose. The water was not cold and heated to my body temperature leaving a sensation like I couldn’t tell where my body ended and the water began. Cocooned in an environment without distractions my mind drifted and wandered, not to sleep, but to a state of conscious being that I had never experienced before. Time and space was now relative. In absolute comfort, without needs or desires to do, say, or have anything I floated into a sustained balance of being.

To experience Palm Ave Float Club for yourself simply visit or call Derrick personally on his mobile +65 91516004


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Taipei is a beautiful city. It has changed a lot in the last 5 years to become a cleaner, more organised, and accessible city. Revisiting it during the Star World Style Setter production put the spotlight on a few locations that Taipei boasts impeccable style and innovation. Below we film a few opening scenes in Shi Men Ding 西門 before zipping to the mountain top to catch the sunset.  

Natalie, ambassador for Subaru, picked me up her gorgeous Subaru WRX  where we promptly sped off to Hou Shan 後山  to catch the incredible panoramic view of Taipei City. We could see the length of Taipei, it’s rivers winding and mountains rolling, against the backdrop of the sunset. Truly a golden hour to behold and capture.

After our sunset drink we went to DOZO. A popular Japanese Izakaya that boast decadent Japanese fanfare with a few exciting performances in-between the meal. Just a whirlwind of a trip for this episode. Together the team travels on to Bangkok to visit the vibrant shopping scene.

I will definitely post up the video on my Youtube channel when the show airs, so stay tuned.


Liv Lo

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The intricate and titillating process to personalise your own Longchamp Le Pliage is available in Singapore! Go to their online shop and you may get some good ideas on what to get for that person who is “difficult to please” or “seems to have everything”. Le Pliage is most famous for the highly portable Nylon version that is ubiquitous with travel. Contrary to popular belief, Le Pliage is for both male and female with slightly marked up Cuir or leather design and shoulder strap giving it a masculine appeal.

Choose your model, bag size, main colour, flap and handles, tabs, shoulder straps, lining colour, and embossing option in either perforations or embossing. All these choices are not just meant for you to design a bag that is not only unique, but also practical, suited to you and your needs. I chose the largest Nylon version in bag size 4 because I want to use it for the upcoming holidays when I travel to London. I need to carry loads of presents there and carry my shopping back home to Singapore. The slightly longer handle will help with carrying the bag on my shoulder. I love my design as only I have it in the world…unless you make one like me:)

If you get lost, or want to see and feel the product up close before making your decision then go to one of their boutiques in Singapore. Inside you will find even more special collaboration editions of Le Pliage. The possibilities are endless! Happy holidays and even happier shopping!:)


Liv Lo