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As a diligent yogi you can often find me strutting in my yoga gear throughout the city. Atheleisure the new black in urban cities with yoga pants being worn more often than denim. Leggings are versatile and look great everywhere, in the gym, on the street, in class. On my last trip to Hong Kong with we started to plan AFSA – Activewear Fashion Show Asia - the first sports fashion show to be held in Asia. I got together with photographer Beatrice to take some leading up portraits. Me in my yoga pants, we skateboarded around Hong Kong with my lululemon mat and cap snapping photos around the wet market and the alleyways around Central. We did not stir up trouble and fit in perfectly with the locals.

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For two semesters I went to an acting school in Singapore called Haque Center of Acting & Creativity or HCAC. I took Method 1 and Improvisation with actor, teacher, and founder Kamil Haque as well at The Actors Gym with two local Singaporean directors. All courses are workshops that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the arts or curious in acting. “The Actors Tools” can be applied to many fields and have taught me a lot about myself and connecting to my talents.

As a final project I got to work with Kan Lume, Keagan Kang, and Luke Lee on a fully improvised short film. Kan Lume’s style, he explained, is much like famed director Mike Leigh. No script, no specific story line, no perceived outcome. Simply, a basic premise which is developed through improvisation by the actors. My character is an SIA stewardess who is in a relationship. The story is told around my love life past, present, and future. Without knowing the ending to the story we put our trust in Kan Lume’s hands. His creative direction allowed for artistic freedom that was both perfectly comfortable and natural; yet challenging for each actor to portray an extended version of themselves on screen. This was a one-of-a-kind experience that I hope to be able to work at again in the future.

Photos for now…short film coming soon!


Liv Lo

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Hello Everyone!

I have not blogged in a year or so, but reviving my model lifestyle diary to share with you all the awesome things that are currently happening in Singapore. For my first post I want to share photos from a staycation I had on July 4th weekend at Lloyd’s Inn. Staycation’s are super popular in Singapore. It’s nice to stay in a different part of town for a few days, live, and enjoy the convenience of other parts of town. Lloyd’s Inn is a brand new boutique hotel right behind Somerset. It is a very quiet private part of town as, the chauffeur said; “it is near to the ex PM, Lee Kuan Yew’s home. Upon check in I was greeted by the friendly staff at Lloyd’s with smiles and a ready made smoothie and single carnation to welcome me on arrival:) Kelvin, the hotel manager, introduced the features of the hotel and made sure my room was to my satisfaction. I was told I had the Patio Room with a balcony and outdoor shower featured below.

During my weekend at Lloyd’s I invited my friends Tawan, Sarah, and Alex over for a photo shoot. We took some lovely shots which you can see a snippet of below. I hope you enjoyed this diary and are looking forward to the rest of the photos from our Cosset x Robe Raiders fashion editorial shoot.

Liv Lo