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The famous “Heavenly Bed” has turned 15 and to celebrate we stayed for 2 days-1 night at The Westin in Asia Square Tower 2. Our guest experience allowed us to partake in the six pillars of well-being that includes “sleep well“, “eat well“, “move well“, “work well“, “play well“, “feel well“. Each well-being attribute has multiple qualities incorporated to allow guests to leave with an uplifted attitude. A process that begins on entry and inevitably crosses over from one facet to the other. For example, to sleep well, the secret is not just in the Heavenly Bed. The bed did feel like sleeping on clouds; however, leading up a personalised pillow was placed on our bed, a white tea scent candle to light, and a REM monitor to track your sleeping pattern. The bed is also ideally situated within the room so that the bathroom, entrance, and closet are separate from the bedroom giving us a homely feeling. Below are images from my stay on January 18, 2015. I had a wonderful stay and am looking forward to my next visit.

I took a sunset Strala Relax yoga class by the pool and bumped into some friends, so we shared a mat and took a few photos. During our Heavenly Body massage treatment I meditated on “gratitude” as this staycation helped me appreciate all the wonderful things in life.


With Gratitude,


Liv Lo

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For the last 10 New year holidays at least I have chosen to travel to hotter climates opting in for surf and sand to coats and snow. To ring in 2015; however, my parter Henry and I chose to stay in the UK and take a road trip to the extreme southwestern peninsula of England to the area of Cornwall. On a 35 degree day in Singapore I packed sensible winter coats, boots, heattech under shirts, leggings, long socks, wooly hats, you name it. Below is my list of favourite items for winter weather.

Must have amenities for winter weather:

1. Face Oil

Instead of buying a heavy cream to combat inevitably dry skin maintain you skin’s lipid barrier by applying a face oil after splashing or washing face with water. Oil will hold that extra water on the skin and help the skin to rebalance itself faster. I used La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil for this trip, but I am also a huge fan of Neils Yard Remedy Face Balm.

2. Hair Oil

Your hair might not get immediately dry and split in just a few days, but a longer trip will leave your hair malnourished. Unless you want to dish out and find a salon to get a treatment opt in for a daily care and use an after shower hair serum that is not oily like Kao Essential Hair Serum. Or, if you want to be able to moisturise in the shower, a leave in treatment at the top of my list is Aveda Daily Hair Repair.

3. HeatTech Layer

For those of you who are not used to colder weather, Heattech will save your life. Uniqlo is affordable because, let’s face it, you have no idea where and when you will be using it again. An essential is the scoop neck 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve T-shirt. If your coat is not warm enough, buy a light down to to go underneath.

4. Boots

On top of all your packing you have somehow got to fit boots into your bag. Be sensible and bring a pair of black track sole boots that go with anything, are light weight, and have an inner faux wool lining. In Singapore it’s easiest to purchase from Charles and Keith extensive and reasonable winter boots selection. No heels! Your warm feet will thank you for it.

5. The Wellington Boot

Windy, rainy, and cold are not terms familiar to sunbathers. Affectionately known as Wellies these all terrain mud, sea, and sand boots will keep your feet comfy and dry during your all weather winter walks. The most famous brand the Hunter boot are trendy; however, weighing in at around 1kg per boot, they too heavy for trekking. I would recommend going to any mountain shop and getting a pair of simple black wellies. I found mine in Mountain Warehouse for only 15£ or around 30 SGD.

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It is a strange idea. Floating in a pod for 60 minutes on Epsom salts in a pod without sound or light. Naturally I had a lot of questions. Will I sink? Will I feel claustrophobic? Will I panic? Will I be bored? What do I need to bring and how do I prepare to “float”? If found all of these are FAQ and I allowed my curiosity got ahold of me landing me on 20 Waringin Park at Palm Ave Float Club. Derrick, owner and floating professional, knows what it is like to float for the first time. He tells me that he used to suffer from anxiety and used to smoke before he got a personal tank floated everyday. Floating gave him clarity in a stress free environment that affected and and changed his life. The benefits and methods of floatation are endless. Some want to meditate, to explore consciousness, or use it as a creative tool to think without distractions. Athletes float for recovery and visualization while pregnant women use it ease the strain off the body and spine.

Now, he opened up this floatation center to offer this to others in Singapore. Simply check the website to find how and why flotation therapy works.

All materials are supplied for you in your room. I took a shower, dried off thoroughly, popped in the earplugs, and hopped in to the pod fully nude.  I closed the pod, turned off the lights and lay on the water in the pose most familiar to a yogi. Savasana or corpse pose. The water was not cold and heated to my body temperature leaving a sensation like I couldn’t tell where my body ended and the water began. Cocooned in an environment without distractions my mind drifted and wandered, not to sleep, but to a state of conscious being that I had never experienced before. Time and space was now relative. In absolute comfort, without needs or desires to do, say, or have anything I floated into a sustained balance of being.

To experience Palm Ave Float Club for yourself simply visit or call Derrick personally on his mobile +65 91516004