AMERICAN APPAREL x LIV – Shibuya Ladies AA in Store Fashion Fitting

Sex scandals could not keep me away from checking out the revamped American Apparel store in between Harajuku and Shibuya. The old 2 story shop is now Men’s Only while the Women have their own 2 story building across the street to roam freely. Leave it to AAP to make lace body suits and ass-less tights, this year they expanded on their classics. Basic hoodies, Tee’s, and jeans are available in every color of the rainbow and some in between. True to their branding American Apparel is produced sweatshop-free in downtown LA. Among all the copycats and fast fashion brands, American Apparel has remained unique with NO logos. Their only logos are their brand slogans calling for reform such as Legalize LA and Legalize Gay. Call it an attitude, those who wear the American Apparel boast confidence in sexuality and a freedom to express themselves in their own unique way.

Having a Women’s Only store meant that I could take over the shop completely, so that’s what I did. I had so much ridiculous fun shopping in American Apparel as my friend Olivia snapped a few photos of me trying on clothes and dancing around. American Apparel is known as much for their quality and variety as for their raunchy ads and sheer materials. Now they are selling cosmetics and accessories like nail polish, vintage watches, and sunglasses. Their massive selection means that you will never catch someone in the same coordination, so don’t be afraid to be totally gay and deck yourself out from head-to-toe in American Apparel.


Velvet Crop Tee? Yes, please!



Stretch Floral Lace Bra in White, Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoody in Dark Orchid, Basic Denim Short Short in washed Indigo, and the Unisex Tennis Shoe







Debut in the Disco Pant in Charcoal, Unisex Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve in Forest



Printed Nylon Tricot Micro-Mesh Gloria-V Body Suit, Basic Denim Short Short in washed Indigo



Chiffon Oversized Button-up in Black/Nude limited edition for Japan only


Cross Back Knit Dress in Dark Nude, Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bra in Black, and Women’s Dancing Shoe in Black Patent Leather




Velvet Long Sleeve Mini Dress in Navy, Velvet Twist Scarf in Navy, Women’s Dancing Shoe in Black Patent Leather




I am in love with American Apparel because, like the colors of the rainbow, everyday should be colorful, free, and most definitely GAY!



Liv Lo

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