7 Things I learned from a Juicing Detox with Sana Cleanse

Today is Day 5 of my Sana Cleanse juicing detox and it is my day of optimum health. Sana Cleanse is a nutritionist designed cleanse program created to detoxify your body and renew your health and well-being. I discovered them through a yoga lifestyle website called Stretch City. Today I feel light, clear, healthy, and energised because I stuck with all 5 days of this juicing detox while keeping up with my regular work and exercise routine. Here are 7 things that I learned.

1. Why Detox? 

Let’s face it, no matter how healthy we try to be we can always be healthier. I am acutely aware of everything I eat; however, toxins from processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine, meats, cheeses and dairy builds up in our body and have trouble getting flushed out. While our bodies are designed as self-help mechanisms, our balance can be thrown off and skewed. A juice cleanse eliminates toxins naturally and allow our cells to breathe and regenerate.


2. Toxins are not just physical, but emotional as well. 

Kooky as that may sound, toxins do not just from food. They are absorbed through the skin from pollution and cannot be fought off by creams. They come from negative energy and cannot be deflected by practicing yoga. These toxins affect our mind-body balance and cause us problems such as unclear skin, irregular bathroom habits, and bad body image. Surprisingly enough drinking only cold pressed organic juices flushed out those blockages and helped me to think clearly and positively.

3. The more often I eat and drink, the more I rev up my metabolism.

Ok, this is one I never believed. But I swear it’s not just some crazy weight loss tool. When I eat regularly I am so much more alert, satiated, stable in my moods and way less likely to overeat. I was made to keep a regular schedule during the cleanse which reset my eating habits and revived my need to drink water regularly.

7:30 Rise, drink water with lemon

9:00 Juice 1

10:30 300 ml water with lemon

11:00 Juice 2

12:30 300 ml water with lemon

13:00 Juice 3

14:30 300 ml water with lemon

15:00 Juice 4

16:30 300 ml water with lemon or herbal tea

17:30 1 hr of exercise. 500 – 1,000 ml of water

19:00 Juice 6

20:30 Evening relaxation, bath, massage

21:00 300 ml water with lemon

22:00 sleep

4. Treat yourself well.
While detoxing I was not allowed to be unwell. Everything I did was good because I was not allowed to treat myself badly. I did not drink alcohol leading up and fazing our of my cleanse, so for two weeks I was not  peer pressured into drinking and enjoyed not being hung over. I did not stay up late and woke up early getting my optimal sleep. I drank water with lemon at regular times which alkalised my system and ensured my body was functioning with regularity. These habits are now engrained in my system and I have gained better habits since.
5. I don’t need to exercise obsessively to be in optimal shape! 
A little movement goes a long way. I had to be very aware of my energy level during the cleanse as I could not resort to drinking coffee or tea if I was tired. I took my regular yoga lesson, but worked out at around 70% instead pushing myself to my limit as usual. This gave me space to concentrate and breathe. I found that I benefited even more from the practice when I was not worried about if I was ‘working out’. Sweating and breathing is particularly important as it reminded me that I am exercising for a my overall health of my body and not about attaining some kind of elusive physical perfection. Feeling comfortable in my ultimate home—my body—is what I really want!
5. Sleep is WAY underrated.
Making a good night’s sleep a priority and if a short window of time opens up in my day, I welcome any and all rests or cat naps! I used to burn myself out on endless late nights and sometimes ended up staying up all night to work thinking I could catch up on rest later. It did affect me; however, my busy mind did not allow me the comfort of sleep when I should. Now, I treasure my rest and see how it directly impacts my mood and energy levels. Staying on a fairly consistent sleep schedule is important not just for my cleanse, but for always!
6. Food isn’t a “frenemy”, but a way to enhance our lives.
Whether for personal nourishment or  for a social connection with friends and family; food should always be enjoyed. A good diet has a direct impact on how we live and how we behave. I have made this connection and expressed it through my new website, Stretch City. Now instead of sharing diet tips with friends, I’m sharing the locations to eat healthy, shop ecologically, and participate in yogic events. How much more filling and fulfilling!
 7. The way I talk to myself affects the way I eat
When I am hungry I ask myself: “Are you hungry? What are you hungry for? What does your body need?” This inner dialogue helps me to check in. If something feeling a bit off, I’ll go through a wellness checklist.
  • Do I need water?
  • Food?
  • What kind of food?
  • Do I need a nap?
  • Do I need to get outside? 
  • Do I need some exercise?
Now with a clear mind and a clean body I can embrace life to the fullest. I am really grateful to Sana Cleanse for giving me this opportunity to embark on this journey. Their delivery juice detox program enabled me to take this step in this healthy direction by giving me the necessary information and proper detoxing system. There will always be adjustments, learning curves, and challenges; however, I am sure that if I need it, I will always be able to take the cleanse again and get back on track. If you have questions or interest regarding this cleanse you can read more an interview with Rochelle Hogan or contact them directly on their website.
I hope this inspires you to try a cleanse for yourself!

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