Airbnb – A Dream Home Away From Home

Wouldn’t it be a crazy to just pick up and move to Bangkok? How about living on the islands of Phuket or countries even further like St. Lucia in the Caribbean? All this is and 190+ countries and cities around the world are available on accommodation rental website Airbnb. You may have heard of it before, but what is unique about Airbnb listings are how it offers travellers an opportunity to literally stay in a home away from home while catering to particular expectations. The renting process couldn’t be easier. I am a HUGE phonatic…meaning, I use my mobile like it is my PC. Luckily the Airbnb mobile app works just as seamlessly as the site itself. Since discovering Airbnb I have booked three locations to stay ranging from city central to exotic hideaways and I cannot wait!

Check out my wishlist on Airbnb. First on the list is Phuket! Doesn’t the picture just take your breath away?!?! Event the title itself “Private Rooftop Terrace with Private Pool“tantalise your senses and beckon a get-away?

After booking three locations you would think I am a bit of a connoisseur. The first location, Phuket, is a bit of a romantic get-away for me my partner Henry. It is our 4th anniversary and we decided to book an Airbnb instead of the usual star-worthy hotel to get some quality private time together. The comments left on the “Private Rooftop Terrace with Private Pool” give us convenient tips on the nearby restaurants, amenities, views, and the highlight, the beach and private pool.

The second location I booked in Bangkok is for a group of 10 girls for a bachelorette party!!!! For this occasion we chose a ‘4 Bedroom Luxury Apartment in Sukhumvit‘ so we girls could ALL stay together in one suite together. It is SO easy to book. If you are interested, simply the contact host to enquire if the dates are still available. DO NOT request to book straight off as you will need to make payment immediately (a mistake I made:). Usually if you put the dates you are staying in your search criteria will only bring up the accommodation for your preferences. I always chose an entire place to stay, but you can also look for private or shared rooms. See the price range below? Simply adjust the bar higher or lower to save time and tears.

Last but not least, my third Airbnb is in the gem of the Caribbean, St. Lucia is. Can you believe it? We found a cute place to stay for only S$93. After the exorbitant costs of flying to, quite possibly the furthest country in the world from Singapore, it was such a relief to choose an entire place to stay at under $100. In the future, if you want to get a discount on Airbnb sign up with this link at Airbnb on, you get S$35 off your next trip! After requesting to book you can always chat back and forth with any questions you may have to the host. They can always help book transport to-and-from the airport and set up any specifications you may require.

The ‘Morne Seaview Apartment‘ is perfect for an adventure in St. Lucia and I cannot wait until our stay! I will be updating more on my travels so come back for more to find out the WOW moments with Airbnb.

Welcome home!

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