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Brows play a crucial role to the face. Brows stand out and can give you an unsuitable expression if not well defined.  While some brow shapes are perhaps less aspirational than others, we can all still agree that features look best framed with bold brows. Whether you were blessed with beautiful arches or could beef yours up, there is a way to get a beautiful bold pair at Browhaus. Owned by the Spa Esprit Group, Browhaus is well known for their male and female grooming services.

The signature semi-permanent treatment, Brow Resurrection uses a needle to draw individual hairs on the first few layers of the skin creating an impermanent and naturally fading eyebrow. As a customer with thick eyebrows (see before images below), I have difficulty maintaining the shape and get tired of filling them in everyday. I opted for this treatment to save time and to wear less make up.
IMG_4922 IMG_4921

The treatment is relatively painless. The steps below cover the process by the brow therapist:

1. Draw the shape you would like. Define the areas you would like to accentuate, thickness, arch, volume, darkness, etc.,

2. Put numbing cream on the area. A topical anaesthetic to numb and prevent from bleeding.

3. Wait 20 min for cream to take affect

4. Specialist opens a new brow needle pen. Four needles on one pen is used to draw individual hairs. It is not painful…more like an irritation from the repeated strokes in one place. If you start to feel anything more anaesthetic can be applied.

5. Process takes about 1 hour


WALA!!!! Eybrows just moments after look perfect! Just a bit of redness and glossy sheen from the topical gel to keep the brows waterproof. No downtime. Ready to go back to work straight after. Browhaus does have different shades of black, brown, and blonde to suit your skin tone and hair colour. From 2 shades of brown I chose to get the lighter brown strokes to look more natural and match with my hair colour.


The after care kit comes in a cute camera case. The build is an antiseptic solution and the fix is a water proof and nourishing gel and protect your brows. The therapist will give you full instructions on how to protect and maintain your brows, but another list on aftercare can be found here as well.

I also picked up some eyeliners and new mascara from the Browhaus waterproof range. For me, waterproof is a must to keep from smudging. It’s not difficult to take of with the oil based remover and stays ALL DAY!!! I love the maroon colour as it looks more natural and suits my skin tone better than brown. I use the pink liner to wear on my lower water line to give a bit of sparkle. Check out more of their products here:)

IMG_4941 IMG_4943
IMG_5025 IMG_5026

Here are my brows a week later. I am able to wake up everyday with perfect brows and can fill them in with powder based liner if I want them even more defined. I have only gotten compliments and no one has noticed the change. I absolutely adore the shape and would highly recommend this treatment to you. I went to the Raffles City B2 branch with therapist Lydia. Do check them out, and if you see me, ask me about my brows:)





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