Liv Lo for Love Bonito – #Liv4LB a Yoga Inspired Collection

If you are reading this diary I hope you can feel how HAPPY:)) I am to announce my yoga inspired apparel collaboration with Love Bonito is ON SALE NOW! It’s been one year at least in the conception, design, creation, to production of this collaboration. Launching October 9th online, here is a video and some images of what you can expect from “Liv Lo for Love Bonito”.


I wanted to address some FAQ’s about my yoga journey and the collection. If you have any more, do connect with me on social media:)

    1. How did you discover yoga?

I don’t remember the day when I got it into my head that I wanted to practice. I don’t know even know where I heard it from. One day, when I was living in Montreal at 20 years old, this desire just kicked in and I suddenly wanted to try. It wasn’t until I returned to Taipei that I started practicing. It was in a boutique studio at 7 am in the morning. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I liked how I felt after, so I kept on going. 10 years later I have taken 2 YTT’s and have practiced in Australia, New York, Tokyo, Bali, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Thailand.
Liv Yoga


 2. How was your first yoga experience and what made you go back to it?

It was confusing, but the teacher paid a lot of attention to me. The only pose I remember doing is downward dog as the teacher John kept adjusting me in the pose. I think for anyone practicing yoga, the teacher is key. It depends on the teacher to provides students with a good first experience and I keep that in mind when teaching any newbie until today.

3. What made you decide to take up the teacher training course?

The timing was right! The first training I took in Pure Yoga with Copper in 2012. A 22 day Hot YTT focusing on the Bikram series. That experience inspired me to start A website to introduce newcomers to Singapore on up-to-date news on events, places to eat, practice yoga, and shop for yoga apparel. My second training was this year, 2015, April in New York at Strala with Tara Stiles. I felt it was time to start teaching and I have always wanted to visit New York. I made that trip to make the transition in to teaching yoga.


4. How has yoga changed you/your life?

Today, people are turning to yoga for many reasons. Those reasons range from managing one’s stress to preventative health measures, or perhaps simply because it’s “trendy”. For some, it has been prescribed as therapy for an ailment or injury, or it is the means to achieving a desired physique – “the yoga body”. The truth of the matter is, yoga can and does serve many, if not all, of these reasons, but the real purpose of this practice is far from the physical. Physical strength may be developed, but the ultimate purpose of yoga is the inner journey, unique to each practitioner. In this way yoga is unique to myself. I cannot explain all the aspects that it has helped me in, but I can say that it has been a constant source of support in my life.11

5. What else can we look forward to Yoga wise? 

I have made a Yoga Youtube series with yoga routines to better your life. Videos with tips on how to incorporate yoga into your day-to-day. Think, “Yoga for Detox“, “Yoga for Beauty“, “Yoga for a Good Mood“, “Yoga for Nerves,”etc. I am also teaching at YOLO RUN. A mass run and yoga event to be held on November 22, 2016. Hope to see you there!

 6. Finally, how involved were you in #Liv4LB? How long did the entire process take and what were some of the lessons you gleaned from this experience?

It took about a year from conception to completion. This is Love Bonito’s first foray into sportswear and so it was a process to find the right factories for production. Everyone knows yoga pants are not easy to make because of the amount of movement involved. The material must be lightweight, durable, look good from every angle, and most of all comfortable. From the elasticity to the opacity, we had a lot of back and forth discussions to get the cuts, fit, and materials just right.


#LIV4LB is on sale now on Apparel ranges from $42 SGD for tights, sports bra and tank to only $28SGD for the crop tank.

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