Muji Lifestyle in Singapore – Simple is Beautiful

Muji Singapore just launched their online shop!!! To celebrate they are offering customers 10% on purchases totalling over $50 until March 31st. The best thing is that with Muji, you know you will get the best quality products designed with the customer in mind. It’s natural, simple, and now more convenient than ever to shop from home.

I personally am in love with their basic clothing. Especially in hot countries like Singapore, it’s important to wear real materials like cotton and linen that breathe and keep you cool. To check the latest collections look here and here. They frankly do not want to tell you what you need. They would rather keep it simple and usable. The Muji motto? [素の美 su-no-bi] Simple is beautiful.

All photographs are taken by Tawan Conchonnet for Muji Singapore

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