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IMG_2459Whether it be for 2 days or 2 weeks trip, every trip begins with packing. Everyone has techniques to maximise space; however, I have found it relatively stress-free packing with Muji. Developed from the concept of travel and mobility, “MUJI to GO” focus on the basics essentials of needs for travel capability that surround being capable, portable, pocketable and foldable. My favourite is the paraglider assortment bags. Super light weight and durable, I can puzzle piece the different sized bags neatly while keeping light, heavier, clean and dirty clothing separate and identifiable. The passport case (pictured above) is super functional. It has clear pockets for cash and even a hook to hang your keys.


Most of our beauty products do not come in 100ml plane-friendly bottles, and yet we cannot live without our beauty essentials. For packing and organisation Muji to Go offers a range of beauty products that are perfectly natural for travel. For those condiments you would like to take on-flight use the small travel bottles to transfer beauty items to carry conveniently. Hanging bath cases are not better for men. Ladies, they are the perfect way to pack away and port your vanity case. Muji to Go is at Changi Airport Terminal 2 if you want to purchase anything last minute.


If you need a durable and functional suitcase, pop by Muji for different sizes of hard carry cases. The cases have manoeuvrable rollers and an innovative wheel lock function to prevent luggages from rolling away on slopes, transport, and travelators. Pictured above are the 102 L and 33 L hard trolleys from Muji in red. They come in other fun colours such as blue, silver, champagne and traditional black.   MujiToGo188

It is never easy to sleep on planes. Flights, layovers, buses, trains, and taxis wear you down and arriving in good condition depends on catching shut-eye while in the air. I present to you the king & queen of neck cushions, literally. Winner of the 2014 Travelers Choice award from Trip Advisor, the clever design offers a variety of ways to use it as a cushion or pillow making it the ideal travel buddy on long or short hauls. I prefer the cotton versions over nylon for breathability as the cover can be removed to wash at any time. Invest 33$ in getting a good nights rest on

I hope you enjoyed this blog of how I travel and hope it makes your life easier and functional. Safe and smooth travels everyone!!!



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