Girls Compete in Spartan Race Singapore, Super 2016

ll-spartanM01ca Spartan Race features races at three distances: 5km and 22-obstacle “Sprint”, 12km and 25-obstacle “Super”, and 16km and 33-obstacle “Beast”. The races culminate to the Spartan World Championship. This timed obstacle-course event, the race is the “ultimate challenge of strength”, as well as mental and physical endurance. When every race becomes more challenging it builds you up for the next and the next.


Spartan Race held on May 7th 2016 included a Super stage this year. 30+ obstacles in a 13+KM distance held in a grassy and wooded forest area for mountain bikers around Tampines 10. The all terrain, yes, the hills, mud, and sand, offered the athletes an exciting new course against which to test themselves. The track divided Sprint from Super after 6 km for the Super’s to continue, but up to that point the all-terrain obstacles already posed a tremendous challenge.


ll-spartan10ca ll-spartan25ca My favorite challenges, carrying a sand bag up into looped course in the jungle, the memory test (I can still remember my number MIKE 384 7893), and the tire drag. The obstacle that seemed deceptively easy, but to rocked most Spartans was the javelin throw. Not a challenge of endurance but of aim and balance that many had to pound out 30 penalty burpees to.


Tips: run with a friend or a few. The comrade will motivate you and you’ll enjoy it more. For gals, we get to give each other a hoist or helping hand, which makes a big difference if your upper body strength is not quite there yet. You can also use their technique if they know a trick or two. Everyone ends up dirty and sweaty, so have fun and cheer each other on.


The most difficult challenge for myself was the bath. Yup, a trough of water with a barrier that you are required to dunk the head and body under to complete. It didn’t rain this year, but the dirt and grass from a thousand Spartans that had already treaded through the water poised a sanitation issue for me. I dunked anyhow.

ll-spartan36ca ll-spartan41ca ll-spartan43ca ll-spartanM21ca

Entering the race you have no idea if you will finish, so you can’t help but feel immense pride and joy on completing the race. You think to yourself, “It could have been worse” and “I am stronger than my fears”.


Next stop Beast and I complete the Trifecta


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